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Umińskiego 21

Building:Umińskiego 21
Date:2009 r.

Entirety of the building retains close and pure form enabling its unambiguous identification. In terms of height and horizontal division of the elevation, this five-storey building strictly refers to the buildings on neighbouring plots, forming continuous frontage development characteristic for that part of Poznan. The applied colouring, the best materials and taking care of the single detail composes visual appearance and high architectural quality of the building.

The building consists of two, closely connected residential parts. First one- five storey , from the Umińskiego Street embraces 16 apartments. There is a service room situated on the ground floor. The second part of the building, situated in the background of the plot, contains 2 unusual, originally arranged apartments. The design of the residential building anticipated one-level garage hall for all the residents to provide for every single one of them a parking spots as well as some additional auxiliary rooms. The function of the building gives essence to the form: particular elements in a logical manner create style and class of the originating mass of the building. The arrangement of the building is designed in a specific way as to guarantee maximum exposition to the sun rays. Large windows and open-work rails add lightness to the mass of the building, and bring the interiors lots of daylight, guarantying high comfort of living to the tenants.

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